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Why are you doing this?

From a young age, we were told to always follow our dreams, and as we grew up, we came to learn that we are all small cogs in a giant machine slaving away to the ‘man.’

The hardest part of the working world was that after a while, the drive and desire began to subside and you became stuck in a routine, so instead you decided to live by your own rules and start your business.

It’s good to go back to your roots and realise the inner passion that helped you to start up your own business. If those values were motivation, determination, dedication and the dream of personal and business accomplishments, you always need to come back to this.

Whatever it was that made you run your own business, you have to maintain the enthusiasm and fire to thrive. You’ve escaped the 9-5 routine and became your own boss, those values you had then are pertinent now.

The key is working with passion and executing your practices correctly so that your business is sure to succeed. If you’re committed to self-growth and learning the path is more challenging but can be a lot more rewarding.

Keep true to your roots and always remember the reason you started on your own journey.

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