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Why ‘good’ isn’t ‘good enough’

How do you stand out in a world that gets more crowded? One of the answers is to have high expectations.

We are all surrounded by competition and choice and the most important thing is to be remembered. If you do the same as everyone else, you will not be able to make that jump in the customers’ minds as the ‘best’.

Those that are considered ‘average’ carry out mediocre actions that customers will not remember which restricts the success of their business. However, those that go the extra mile will achieve more, supported by a well-known reputation.

Coming back to the competitive world, the average aren’t praised, which demonstrates anonymity and being easily forgotten. Contrary to this, when people see that you can provide added value, people will talk about you for the right reasons and spread the word.

Here at the ID Group, we say… be creative in your thinking. Make sure all the tools that you use are fine tuned and consistent, such as keeping your website updated, growing and maintaining your database, having something valuable to say on social media networks. These are all trigger actions to switch from thinking to doing.

Taking action is imperative, as things do not happen overnight. You have to possess a focused attitude and resilience to ensure long-term success. The opposite of creativity is mediocrity, but you can stand out in a crowded marketplace with the right attitude and memorable message.

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