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Why We All Need To Represent Trusted Brands

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Trust can become the single biggest factor for prospects and customers to have assurance that you can deliver.

Last year (2013) saw more government expenses scandals, horsemeat, Lloyds Bank misselling, the ongoing phone hacking scandal (still around since 2011), Google/Starbucks tax avoidance plus many more instances where our trust in others has diminished and in it’s place are damaged brands.

As businesses we must always look to earn the trust of others to help build profitable action. It’s not just a case of adding value, but sticking to the principals that we set out to represent. We all started our businesses with something that we believed in, from making a working process easier to knowing that you were talented in a particular skill set.

We All Set Out Our Quests To Become Trusted Brands

We all set out on our journeys to promise to deliver a product or service that others will come back to and hopefully recommend to others. These promises were never at a scale where grand claims were made and hyperbole but based on sticking to principals of looking to build a customer base on what you believed in.

The way we can still do this is by being more realistic and having an honest connection with people by being transparent, responsive and above all accessible, by keeping to our promises.

To earn the trust of others the secret is not in shouting that we’re better than the competition or constantly interrupting your audience once we’ve signed up to receive information, but to be more simpler and realistic to match our claims with our audiences expectations. Being responsible to our audience, helps build a perception in the minds of others.

We All Make Mistakes

Even when things go wrong, we are only human and accepting responsibility by even showing a vulnerable side, can make a brand stronger by it’s  transparency. We only need to look at John Lewis who held their hands up and accepted they made a mistake when underpaying staff who worked Sundays and Bank Holidays, click here to read why ‘messing up’ has to be acknowledged.  

To Sum It All Up

The strength for businesses is to keep our promises on par with what we deliver and if we look to earn trust in others, rather than pleading on the different platforms that we use, maybe a bit more of an emotional connection can work better for the success as trusted brands.


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