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Why You Need To Stand For Something

If you stand for something that others believe in, then you’ll be head and shoulders above the competition, by becoming a trusted source.

If you share your beliefs and values, then immediately you’ve chosen your side of the road to stick to. If you keep to the middle, you’ll eventually you’ll get run over and then forgotten about.

Communicating clearly and with a sense of purpose, enables you to become understood. What is even better is that others see that you believe in what you represent and that’s what helps form relationships, by finding something in common.

Successful business is based on the right attitude and exchanges with people who believe what you believe. What is even better is when others turn to you for assistance based on trust and recognition of the expertise you provide.

Platforms to be seen as standing for something can vary from speaking at events, through to 140 characters on Twitter. Although, there seems to be even smaller conversation on Twitter these days, which looks dominated by automation and self promotion, which then proves an excellent opportunity to find your place.

Once others recognise that you stand for something, the shift moves from being passive to building a community that listens and responds, which is a fantastic way to become a visible brand (that unites).

The key benefit is that it strengthens the bond between you and your audience, but always remember that standing for something means that you are not going to be liked by everyone. Which is fantastic news, as you don’t want to be liked like everyone, you want the right people and businesses on your side.

In fact, ‘balls’ to those who don’t like you! If you put everything you have into those who listen and value what you do, then those who aren’t ‘into you’ aren’t worth your attention (they were never going to become customers anyway!).

To stand for something, the key driver is to educate and inform, rather than for self gain. For others to recognise what you believe in can become one of the strongest tools to building a brand that has credibility and recognition.

Image: courtesy of Flickr (Lincolnian)

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